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Many smaller companies can struggle to attract the talent needed to help grow their business. This can be due to over inflated salaries or just the competitiveness of the candidate market in general. If it is to do with salaries, we can offer some advice. Most candidates will now consider perks and benefits to be on par with salaries when considering a new role. But many companies offer similar benefits so what can you do to stand out? Here are three benefits to help you do that.

Extra Time Off

The premise varies from company to company, but the idea is the same. You can get extra time off for different events in your life. For example, your birthday or if you get married. There are even some companies that offer time off for you to get your dog settled in! The idea is that this is a benefit that can be implemented easily while also having a high attractive pull for candidates. Tied in with that, is flexible working hours. We have covered this in more detail in previous blogs, but the idea is that the more flexible you are with working hours, the more satisfied the employee. This also lets you keep your staff more flexible and so as they grow their career with you, their personal lives are less likely to impact their professional life.

Stock Investment

Why not get your employees more invested? Have them invest in your company stocks or other general stocks. Then let them reap the rewards two years later. Not only does this potentially create further revenue for you but it will also help with staff retention. It can be hard to take a new offer when you know ten thousand pounds is coming your way! This is obviously one of the riskier benefits and you will have to really nail down the fine print to make sure you don’t have it backfire on you.


This one is situational and why it is last on the list. However, if at all possible, this is a massive attraction. This would not just be for cars; it would also be for bikes and motorbikes. Having the facilities for your employees to park would mean they don’t have to pay for parking out on the street. It also adds extra peace of mind for the candidates knowing that their vehicle is in secure parking.

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