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One of the most difficult parts of running a business can be retaining staff. Sometimes you have little control over this and other times you may be directly responsible. We are going to explore three simple tips for you to implement to help retain staff.

Appreciate your staff

If you work in a high-pressured environment, it can be difficult to take a breather and give your staff the appreciation they deserve. This can be as simple as saying well done to them. But to take it a step further would be to socialise with them outside of the workplace. This can be as simple as going out for drinks or food. You could also organise a more engaging day, maybe paintball? The idea behind this is to not only show your staff a good time but to let them see another side of you. If you are constantly projecting this powerful boss image, you may be less approachable. If you are not as approachable, when there is a problem, your staff will not come to you and the issues may become festered and your staff may leave.

Be open to criticism

Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes. Many of us as managers or bosses seem to think that we can’t make mistakes. If someone points out a mistake, it is often perceived as an insult. In some cases, it can be seen as a direct contest of our authority. This not only can put extra strain on your staff but will also severely limit your business. If you are the person calling all of the shots and are above reproach, the ship will sink or float solely by your hand. By being open to criticism you are not only proofing your ideas but also getting your staff to be invested in your business. When staff are invested in your business, they are far less likely to leave.

Career Progression

When running your own business/department it can be easy to forget about this. Many of your staff will have goals and aspirations within their career. Sit down with them once every 2-3 months and go through what they want to achieve. Not only will this give you a clear indication of what they want but will also give you a clear picture of how they can fit into future business needs. Set clear objectives to be completed by the next meeting for your employee. When you have your next meeting, you can see how they have measured up and reward as appropriate. By giving this structured platform for your staff, you are mitigating the risks of losing your staff due to lack of progression. You are also giving them the opportunity to air out anything that may not be working for them while working for you.

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