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Depending on your own specific recruiting requirements, account management may be something that you would like to consider. This service is especially useful if you have volume recruitment with specific needs or if you have volume recruitment over several sites. We offer this service to clients we feel would benefit from a closer working relationship with us. Other clients in the past have requested this service upfront as they felt it benefited them in the long run.

What is Account Management?

This is a service that RecruITech provide for clients who need us to focus more on them due to the volume of recruitment. Or if you have an ongoing need that requires specialised skills. We have found that this service benefits clients who have an ongoing need for a particular skill set hard to find. It can also benefit you if you want a regular point of contact. Some clients have preferred all of their contact to be one person, even if recruiting across different sectors. How your account is handled will be tailored to you and your needs.

How does it work?

The process starts off the same as every other business deal with RecruITech, however during our consultation we will be asking you about future requirements. If we feel that the volume is there, we will look at exploring this option for you. Alternatively, if you know that your own recruitment needs will need an account management style, you can let us know from the initial introductions. We will then discuss with your specific circumstances and advise if it is indeed the best option for you.

Once this has been decided it is the best option for you, we then let you know which of our consultants will be working closely with you. If you have portals or particular ways of how you like to have your candidates to be presented, we will take this all on board now. Our specialised consultant will then come onsite to better further understand your establishment. We find that it really helps us find you the best talent if we have been onsite. This is because it’s easier to get a candidate excited about your role if we can picture them going there. If appropriate, our consultant will meet the various hiring managers. This can be a good opportunity for your hiring managers to talk about culture fit for their particular team.

Sounds good but why not just use a regular agency?

You absolutely could and if that works for you, that is fine. We offer this service that is tailored for you in order to offer you the best options for your recruitment. Here are some of the advantages of an account management style for you;

  • Specialised consultant who understands your needs
  • Your consultant will come to know your business intimately and how best to sell it to candidates
  • You know who your consultant is and how they operate
  • Can be cheaper long term

If this sounds like a service that you would like to explore more with us? Why not get in touch and let us see how we can help you?

Phone: 0161 975 7525

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