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This week we are going to look at the elephant in the room. With Brexit coming up on Halloween (trick or treat anyone?) it can be a bit of a spooky time for people. However, what we are going to look at specifically is how this uncertain economic climate can be advantageous to you. We are going to look at why Brexit is a fantastic opportunity for you and your career.

The key thing to think about is how short of skills employers are now going to be. Your skills will be needed more than ever to ensure the running of business. We are currently in a candidate poor market but with the advancement of Brexit, it will be more like a candidate poverty market. This is excellent news for candidates like you.

So, here is what you can do to maximise your career.

Salary increases

As the economy gets more competitive for talent, salaries have traditionally went up. This is both to attract new talent and to retain old talent. Companies are more likely to offer higher salaries to new employees coming onboard than old staff. However, this is now the time for you to start looking at how much of an increase you can realistically expect. If after asking for a raise and you are rejected, there will be plenty of other companies in the near future who will love to have you.


There is going to be a shortage of particular skills in almost every industry and one answer to that is upskilling. Many companies will now turn to their current staff and upskill them to what is needed. This is your opportunity to get that skill that is coveted in your industry. Your employer will have to invest in your training and development to remain competitive. This can greatly enhance your career as you will be exposed to new skills and methods that may have taken longer to get to.

Unconventional hiring

There have been certain groups in society that have struggled to get jobs. This is usually through no fault of their own, such as returning mothers and older workers. However, with the shrinking of the workforce, many companies will look at these minor groups and add them to their workforce. Helping you to get back into work.

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