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We have had several posts already about contracting, pros and cons etc. However, one topic that is not often covered is career progression as a contractor. This is not usually an option for many contractors as their roles are short lived by nature. There are, however, some ways of mitigating this over your career.

Career Progression

Many of us strive to achieve new goals with our career. One measurement of this would be new roles and responsibilities in our career, i.e. career progression. In the contracting world, this is often difficult as you are brought on to do a specific task and the contract is ended once you have completed said task. So how can this be done?

Longer contracts

There are many companies today that offer rolling contracts. These contracts tend to roll on for as long as they are needed to. For you, this gives you the time to network with the company you are with and learn new skills than can progress your career.

Ask for new responsibilities

The adage, ask and you will receive, is particularly important here. If you are in a new company and you see something that you could help or learn from, ask if you can. Not only will this extend the life of your contract, but you will learn vital skills with industrial knowledge.

Learn to manage teams and projects

This is a universal skill and translates well across several industries. This skill is also highly prized by employers who will pay you premium rates if you have demonstrated expertise with this skill. When you start new contracts, look for ways to see how you can assist with managing projects and people. Over the course of several contracts, you should build up enough experience with this to manage people and projects and this will help you progress your career.

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