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If you have been a hiring manager for any length of time (and sometimes not even then) you would have received a call from a recruiter asking for some jobs to work on. Irritated in the disruption to your day, you tell them no and hang up on the phone. Why? Because that call was a waste of time for you. You have much more immediate concerns that need to be solved now.

And you are right.

But occasionally, you will get a request for a recruiter to come onsite and meet you and the team. To see the “culture” is the term often thrown about. This is different to be sure but you are still a busy person who has lots of things on their plate. You don’t have time for this.

Do you?

There are three main reasons why it would be worth your time.
1. Brand building
2. Recruiter commitment
3. Smoother recruitment process

Brand Building

If you get a recruiter who believes in your business, they will become fantastic brand ambassadors. They will be talking to people in your industry and since we are looking to engage them with your role, we are automatically selling not just the job but also your company. Even if they are not interested in the role right now, that interaction will leave a positive impact on that person and they could join you at a later date or encourage someone else to.

Recruiter Commitment

When a client agrees to meet us onsite, we know that the client is engaged with us. With this, we much more eager to fill the role as we now know you are serious about this vacancy. We will go that extra mile, that candidate can only take a call at 6pm? We will stay late in the office to reach them. A candidate is unsure if they can relocate? We will provide information on cost of living for the region and other factors such as schools. We will work relentlessly to fill that role if we believe there is a tangible result to work towards.

Smoother Recruitment Process

By sitting down with you, we will get a feel for your culture and your own personal communication style. When we are interviewing candidates, we can sense if they would be a good fit for your team. Something that is almost impossible to gauge over the phone. It would also make the interviewing process smoother as if it can be difficult to get to your office or maybe parking is awkward, we can warn candidates in advance and they are prepared and not flustered due to tardiness.

Sound like something that you would like to explore further? Get in touch.

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