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You have just been successful in getting an interview. You are getting on like a house on fire with the interviewer. Then in the spur of the moment, they offer you a job, or they ask you about what salary you are looking for.

What do you do?

First step is to thank them for the offer and that you are flattered they think so highly of you. However, we would recommend you say something like; “as this is at interview stage, you would like some time to process all this information.” You want to make sure you can do what the company is looking for you to do. You want to make the best decision for both you and the company. No need to make a hasty decision.

Unless this position is a position you walked into the interview knowing you wanted, we would highly recommend you don’t accept on the spot. This is so that you don’t find yourself in a position in several weeks’ time where you regret your decision. Allow yourself the time to think this through, if you need it.

Why is this a good idea?

Although it can seem counter-intuitive to not accept an offer right away, it demonstrates careful planning. You also show you are resolute in your views and not easily pushed around. You are a confident person.

What about salary?

This is far more common. We always ask clients not to bring this up in the early interviews as you as the candidates are still deciding if this role is right for you. However, this is not always the case. In the scenario whereby the client does bring up salary, it is almost always a bad idea to give a specific number.

You will either say a figure too high and price yourself out or say a figure too low and not be happy. Once a figure has been said in an interview situation, that is generally it. For better or worse.

What should you do?

Again, say thank you for the question. Ask the client to refer to the recruiter as this meeting is about finding out about the role. You want to see if it’s a good mutual fit. At later stages this question is more relevant, and your recruiter should have talked to you at length with what’s likely to be discussed in the interview.

However, by referring to the recruiter, you are asking the client to deal with someone who has been trained in negotiation. You will also be able to look for more flexibility in the ultimate offer.

It should be first made clear that this is really an article for you only if you are interviewing through an agency for a position. If you landed this interview without an agency assistance, then this article doesn’t apply to you. Best of luck with your negotiation!

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