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There are lots of different ways to work in the IT sphere in the UK. You can do the traditional PAYE route; you can look at fixed term contracts or you could look at contracting. In last week’s blog ( we looked at why employers would be interested in contractors. But why should you be interested in contracting?

  • Money
  • Flexibility
  • Skills


The main reason anyone goes into contracting is because it pays well. You will be paid more per hour for likely the same job vs a PAYE employee. As you go up the skills ladder, your hourly or daily rate will likely significantly increase. It is not unheard of for a Java Developer with a few years’ experience to earn in excess of £450 a day. Which to translate to an annual salary would be £117,000.


Starting off may be a little trickier but once you have established yourself as a reputable contractor who sees projects through, you will have much more flexibility. Prefer to work at home? No problem, it saves your new employer having to pay for a desk for you to sit at while working the project. Prefer to work on specific projects in an area? There is probably work in that area so why not go find out?


As a contractor your main selling point is that you are an expert in whatever it is that you do. Whether you do Software Development, Project Management, Business Analytics or Software Testing, you are an expert. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still learn while working with a new contract. Everyone does things differently (for better or worse) and each scenario is an invaluable opportunity for you to fine hone your skills.

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