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There’s no two ways about it, contractors are expensive and, in a world, where we are looking to cut down our costs, why would you look at this?

  • Flexibility
  • Speed
  • Cheaper


One of the main reasons our clients use contractors is because it offers a flexibility for their workforce. Have a project coming up but are already at maximum headcount? Contractors are a solution. Traditionally contractors are viewed as a company resource and are not counted towards headcount. Human Resources generally don’t concern themselves with the hiring of contractors and so you have more control of who it is that you can hire. You know what you need for your project and you know what works best for your team. This all is part of the package when hiring contractors.


As we work in a rapidly developing IT landscape, keeping ahead of your competitors is vitally important. Generally, contractors can start more quickly than their permanent counterparts. All they would need is for them to be finished their contract and then they can start for you. This speed to market can really help you if you come across an unexpected snag in your work. Perfect for covering sudden sickness or if your client changes their requirements mid-project.


This may be a counter-intuitive point but in the short-term contractors are cheaper than their permanent counterpart. If you need a Programme Manager for six months and decide to use a permanent solution you may have to pay a salary of £50,000, benefits and a recruiter’s fee, that could easily reach up to a total cost of £70,000. If however you decide to use a contractor at a rate of £6,000 a month, that would be £36,000 for the six months. A little over half of what you would pay for a permanent employee. The maths speaks for itself.

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