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When you are talking to a recruiter for the first time you will often be asked who you have applied to and more than likely your first response will be to say, no one. But if this is a lie, will this actually benefit you? The short answer is no, let me explain why.

Multiple applications

When you send in your CV to a company directly, it can be irritating to not know what stage your CV is at. We have all been there and can sympathise. It can be tempting to send your CV through to the same company through a recruiter if they say they want to represent you. In reality you are not doubling your chances, rather nullifying them. When you send your CV into a company through a recruiter where your CV has already been sent in, not only do you irritate your recruiter but also you send a bad signal to your new potential company that you are desperate for new work and this can scare off many companies.

Cancellation of Application

If you are talking to multiple recruiters, chances are you are going to talk to these recruiters about the same job. Sending in your application through multiple recruiters will lead to the cancellation of your application to the company as many companies simply do not want to deal with the argument of fees with various agencies. Not only does it look bad that your CV has landed several times in front of the hiring manager but because of the contest between recruiters for that fee, many companies will simply disregard your application. They would rather not have to deal with legal issues and fees.

Final thoughts

Be selective of which recruiters you work with. Let them know where your CV has gone so that you don’t waste both your time and theirs. Your recruiter is more likely to talk to you about other opportunities if you are up front and honest from the start. The recruiter may not be able to send your CV through for that particular opportunity but they might have your dream role in six months time. They will be less likely to get in touch if you burned them in the past.

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