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When thinking about your company branding, you would often think of it in terms of marketing and sales. As your company grows, your needs tend to grow and evolve with it. You tend to adapt to new markets. However, recruitment tends to be left the same. The same methodologies used from when you first started off. Should that be the case?


Many new candidates, before even applying for your role, will research your company. This would often involve looking at your website and your reviews on websites like Glassdoor. This means that 70%-90% of the buying process is done before you even know this candidate exists. This further highlights the need for you to not only keep your website up to date but also to keep your recruitment process as smooth as possible to ensure good reviews on other websites.

Passive Candidates

By working on your branding, not only are you building up a reputation for being a great company to work with. You are also building up a reputation as a great company to work for. Many excellent candidates are interested in working for excelling brands, as not only is it usually challenging work but also great for their CV. This opens a pool of candidates to you that you would not necessarily have access to and could provide a crucial member of your team.

Employment Branding is often forgotten about but if with the right amount of time and effort gone into it, it can be a powerful tool for you.

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