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Picture this, your best software developer has just handed in their notice and suddenly you need to replace them. You dread the interview process because HR never seem to really hit the nail on the head. But what can you do to make this process more effective? Here are some tips on becoming more hands on in your recruitment process.

Knowing what you need

Really sit down and think about what you need in your team. What really is vital for your team to continue to function? Notice this is about needs and not wants. Too many processes are ruined by unrealistic expectations so be prepared to be flexible otherwise getting those vital skills may be a long time coming.

Communicate your needs

Once you have decided what you need, communicate them to the people who will help you find them. Explain why you need the various needs. For example, if you say you need someone with 5 years’ experience in software development, explain that you are looking for someone who can be groomed into a more senior position in a year’s time. These are exciting selling points to potential candidates and really helps us understand the rationale behind your requirements.

Get involved

More than likely you were in the same place, careerwise, as these candidates at some point. You can let us know of new areas to look for new candidates. There may be specific forums we are unaware of that could be a goldmine for us to talk to lots of exciting people. We can work our magic and you can get to talk to people who are relevant and you want on your team.

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