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First impressions count

When you meet someone for the first time, often the first few seconds are vital. In these first few seconds, we make a snap decision on whether or not we like a person. This translates across to your recruitment process. From the first contact, whether that would be an ad on a job board or if a recruiter gets in direct contact.

Your process reflects you

How you treat candidates through the process will give an indication of how you would potentially treat the candidate if hired. This can be positive or negative. Or it can be misleading or a great insight. vk

What’s important to you?

Think about how your current culture is right now. Are you looking to change this? Are you looking to maintain it? Your recruitment process will need to reflect what is important to you. For example, if you place a strong emphasis on technological innovation, you should include technology in as much of it as possible. This doesn’t have to mean using it to test candidates. It would just mean that candidates who become engaged with that process are more likely to be appreciative of your culture.

Or maybe you have a strong emphasis on harmony? In this case you would then make it a lot more relationship based. For example, it would be great for your candidates to meet your team in a more relaxed setting. This would give them a better idea if this is a good fit for them. It would also drastically reduce first day jitters. It will also make your own team more comfortable knowing who is coming in to join the team.

Speed is key

We have touched on this in previous blogs, but this is a vital component. No matter how great your process is, if you don’t have a swift offer process, you will lose candidates. We have had clients turn around in less than an hour and have an offer ready. These offers have over 95% acceptance rate.

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