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You have just started a project or someone on your team has had an accident and suddenly you are short of the staff you need to get your workload done. You are suddenly looking at the prospect of doing long hours at the office and overworking your team and run the risk of pushing them out. So, what about temporary staff? A little extra help to get you over the battle of the bulge as it were.

But you would have several options, but the two we are going to look at today are Fixed Term Contracts and Temporary Contracts.

What are they?

Fixed Term Contracts

These are generally self-explanatory. You have a guaranteed amount of work or you know how long a team member will be absent for (maternity cover being a common scenario) and so you set a Fixed Term Contract. You specify how long someone will be with you before terminating the contract. This suits lots of different IT candidates, you may have a specific programme that a Software Developer or Software Tester might be interested in. Or you may have a project that a Business Analyst or Systems Engineer would love to work on.

Temporary Contracts

These are basically everything else. You are unsure how long you need someone for as it’s a case by case basis. This is perfect for your unplanned workloads. If you land a surprising project or if you have been blindsided by a team member leaving. These contracts offer you and your IT employee flexibility as you would generally only need to give a week’s notice.

Sounds great but what’s the catch?

Your Fixed Term Contracts can be initially be off putting to some people. Knowing that they will only be there for however long the contract is for. They can also be put off by being on the same salary as a permanent member of staff.

Your Temporary Contracts can be initially off putting to some people as they are unstable. Generally, these types of contracts are not guaranteed by length as there is usually a week’s notice for both staff and employer. However, this is offset by paying premium for your temporary staff.

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