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How prepared are you for the future?

So you have your recruitment methodologies down to a T for millennials. That’s great news but what about generation z? This is the generation just about to or have just left university and joining the world of work. And this generation has some specific needs that you need to cater to in order to attract them successfully.

Career Development

Many of generation z want to progress rapidly within their career. Offering career progression is something that is becoming expected of employers. People of generation z will want to feel like you are invested in making them as good as they can be.

Dynamic Interviews

Gone are the days when you could sit in front of someone for an hour and expect them to be impressed and take an offer. These days we need to look at making our interviews more dynamic and interactive. If there is a specific soft skill you are looking for, like teamwork, build it around that. See how they work as a team in a group interview. It’s more effective and it will make your interview process stand out.

Job hopping is not bad

One of the main driving forces of generation z is their personal values. They want to work with a company who shares whatever they may be. When starting out in the world of work, there are going to be a lot of false starts. Generation z is trying to find the companies that share their values and often the only way to do that is to work with them.

To avoid this, demonstrate your own company values from the first interview. Like the old adage goes, show don’t tell. Your actions will speak louder than words. You will be able to attract the right talent to you with minimal attrition.

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