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You may think that the two are the same but that is not the case. While very similar there is one crucial difference, hiring for a vacancy is reactive while recruiting for the company is active. Let me explain.


You are working on a software developmental project for a new client. They are a large financial institution and if you nail this, you will probably be their go to for future product developments. One of your back-end developers leaves mid project and suddenly you are in a bind. You have a month to find someone to replace your last employee. This is reactive and frankly a stressful situation for you to be in. You will probably need to offer someone as soon as possible as they will likely have a month’s notice period also. Potentially putting your project, and by extension, your business at risk.


You are at a networking event for AI and its uses in modern coding and you chance across an android developer. You both talk and while you are talking, you are quite impressed with how they present yourself. However, your android team is currently not looking for anyone, but you feel this person would add value to the team. You invite this person to meet the team and eventually offer and they start with you. You now have a strong team of android developers and can now take on larger projects at your pace.

There may not be much of a difference between the two, but it can be the difference between you becoming a successful software business and one that sinks. Hiring for vacancies keeps you afloat but recruiting for team members keeps you ahead of the tide.

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