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LinkedIn is one of those websites that many of us subscribe to but may not use all the time. It can a useful platform to engage in industry trends and to keep in touch with others in your field. However, many people lament that recruiters are often harassing them online by constantly sending invitation requests and job descriptions. Here are some reasons as to why this may not be as irritating as you may have thought.

What happens when you get an invite

When you get an invite, you have the option to accept or decline it. Should you accept it, a conversation may start between you and the recruiter. Chances are the recruiter wants to talk to you about a job opportunity. And depending on your own specific circumstances at that time, it may be a good or bad time to do so. If you decline it, the conversation can’t start and that is that.

Or is it?

The consequences of declining an invitation

When you decline an invitation from a recruiter, you are not just declining the current opportunities from the recruiter but all future ones too. When a recruiter becomes specialised within their field and works with the best clients, that can potentially hamstring you in the future if you now don’t have access to those opportunities.

We would advise you to accept all relevant invitations, even if you are not looking now. Most recruiters will make a pitch and if now is not a good time, we move on. Chances are if we are active consistently on LinkedIn, you’ll think of us when the time is right for you to move on. Of course, there will be some pushy recruiters and depending on the circumstances, it may be appropriate to remove them from your network.

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