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Despite popular opinion, it is not often just throwing more money at contractors that will make sure you get the best talent. There are other factors that will help you out-compete your competition to get the best contractors. Contractors and freelancers rising in numbers across the world. They are becoming a resource that are often critical to your business success. How to attract contractors can be the difference between a thriving and a struggling business. Today we will look at how best to get contractors.


Though we just said money isn’t the be all and end all, not taking note of it would be a huge mistake. Regularly review how much you are paying for a contractor and adjust depending on the market. This is especially crucial if you have hired them for a long-term project. If you are not careful, you could lose them at a critical junction.


Although traditionally contractors have not had access to benefits in a company, this attitude is now changing. Staple benefits such as pension contribution or healthcare may not be practical. But benefits such as free parking make all the difference.


As contractors rise in numbers, they will become a significant portion of your team. Though perhaps unintentional, there can be a tendency for them to be treated differently to permanent staff. While there would be a natural grace period between staff getting to know each other, contractors shouldn’t be made feel alienated. This will help with your overall culture too.

Swift Payment

You can praise their work and laud them with all the benefits but if you mess up a contractor’s payment, that is a sure-fire way to lose them. If contractors are becoming a significant part of your team, make sure procedures are in place to make sure that your contractors are paid on time. This will improve overall happiness and you will be less likely to lose contractors.

Contract Renewal

As your contractor’s contract comes to an end, ideally in the last four weeks if it’s a year or more, let your contractor know if the contract will be extended. Nothing will make a contractor more nervous and ready to jump ship if you can’t provide answers on when the contract will end or be extended. By letting them know, you are keeping control of the situation.

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