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You have decided to embark on a new adventure and have accepted a new offer to work somewhere else. You’re probably excited and more than a little nervous. And if you are like most people, not exactly looking forward to handing in your notice or the dreaded feeling of confrontation. Here are some tips for you to hand in your notice and what to say.

Have it written in paper and/or email

Depending on your role or industry, have it written in an email or a letter. Most employers need a written form of a notice to make it official. You will need a date on the notice of both the day you are handing in your notice and the date you expect to leave. Here are some tips on how to write the notice letter:

  • Keep it short and sweet as your notice letter is only meant to be a brief official document letting your employer know you are leaving.
  • Keep it professional as most industries are too small for you to burn bridges without lasting consequences. Regardless of how you feel about leaving, keep your professionalism in mind as you write your letter.
  • Have the date you are actually handing in your notice and the date you expect to leave.
  • Sign off with your own signature.

Hand in your notice period in the morning

This is a common courtesy to your employer and as there will be many things needed to be done to replace you, they will be thankful for as much time as possible. You will also not feel as though there is something hanging over you all day and potentially lash out at fellow employees. Your manager will also be able to let you know when/if it’s appropriate to let your colleagues know.

Leave feedback

Many companies now conduct exit interviews and what you say in these interviews is used to help improve business practices. Regardless of how you personally feel, it is important that all feedback is kept professional. This company may be a deciding factor at some point in your career if you get a job or not if you use them as a reference. State your observations calmly and professionally.

Plan a goodbye party

Assuming you weren’t a reclusive hermit, it is important for yourself to have a goodbye do. This will give you a semblance of closure and a chance for your now ex colleagues to tell you how much they enjoyed working with you. It will let you end on a high note and will help you look forward to your new future with optimism.

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