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In today’s world, having a Skype interview is becoming more commonplace. In some recruitment processes it is replacing telephone interviews. We will look at how to prepare for a Skype interview and some top tips to help give you the best chance for success.

Download Skype

If you do not already have Skype, you need to download it. It is compatible with most devices and so should hopefully not present any problems. If you already have Skype, make sure that the profile picture and any status you may have written are appropriate for a business meeting.

Network connection

You need to make sure that your network connection is secure and stable. As this will be a Skype interview, it will be dependent one your internet connection. We would recommend testing out your Skype call before doing your Skype interview. You will want to test both the video and the audio quality to make sure that you can head and be heard.


Some people are not comfortable wearing earbuds, but in this case, it may be a necessity. If you talk into an open mic in a Skype interview, there is a distinct possibility of distorting the sound. Not only will you sound clearer, but you will also be able to hear the interviewer more clearly too. If you have Bluetooth speakers, they would be advantageous as they appear neater and also give you more freedom to move.


The background of your Skype call can be important too. We would always recommend having a neutral background. A white wall with no decorations would be ideal. If however this is not possible, keep what the interviewer can see tidy. Your device preforming the Skype call (laptop, computer or tablet) should be laid flat on a surface that brings the camera to your eye level without you appearing stooped. You also don’t want the camera to be looking up or down to you as this can have negative psychological effect. Keeping it eye level is best.

Video or not?

There is an option to enable the camera and it can be a little confusing whether or not to use it. We would recommend that you follow the interviewers lead. If they start off with the camera enabled, enable yours. If there is no camera then this is more like a telephone call. You should then treat it like a telephone call.

Camera enabled

If this is a Skype call with the camera enabled, you will need to make sure that you are dressed for the occasion. To avoid overthinking it, treat it as though you were meeting the interviewer in person. This would mean dressing smartly and grooming yourself appropriately.

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