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We have mentioned in previous blogs that the IT recruitment market is candidate poor. As such we at RecruITech have had to come with innovative methods for IT software companies across the North West of the UK for their recruitment. One such method is called Inbound Recruitment.

What is it?

Simply put it’s a proactive approach to your IT recruitment needs. We are already regularly tapping into the marketplace for talent. As we have a continuous need for various positons such as experienced Java developers, Business Analysts and Project Managers. However we have now decided to do this for specific clients.

How does it work?

We come onsite to you, you go through with us the requirements you are going to need. And most importantly, when you are going to need them. This gives us an opportunity to give you an immediate snapshot of the market right there and then of those particular skills. We can then suggest which roles would be the most challenging and which would be best to focus on.

By having an advance view of what your recruitment needs, we will be able to alleviate that stress associated with recruitment as we will be able to recruit ahead of time. You will have your key teams in place when you need them and not weeks or months late, ensuring your vision of the business continues in the right direction. Ensuring future success.

Who is it for?

Everyone! But clients who are looking to expand actively over a certain period of time and know what kind of skills they will need at those times, can find this strategy useful. It means we can source for those technical skills which can be difficult to find before it becomes a sore point for your business. Saving you both time and money.

You may also be interested in this as you have a continuous need for staff due to internal promotion and need skilled staff to replace them. This is something that we can assist you with too. And maybe you too can feel like you can relax a little on a yacht.

Sounds like something you want to explore further?

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