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When looking for a new job, one potential question you will be asked is why you left your last job. Or perhaps why you are looking to leave. There can obviously be a multitude of answers and these will be tackled in later blogs. One objection can be so potent from your CV that you may not even get a call for a potential interview for a permanent position. This is the issue of job hopping.

What is Job Hopping

While pretty easy to define, it can be a little harder to spot in practice. This is where you would hop from job to job in a short period of time. Simple, yes? Unfortunately, the short period of time can be relative. You may have stayed somewhere for two years and decided to move on. In the company you have applied to, the average length of service would be five years. You would then be considered job hopping if this is a common trend in your CV. On the other hand, if the company you have applied for has an average of a year of service, then you are not. Do be prepared to answer job hopping questions if you usually work for companies less than ten years. It’s a possibility!

How to overcome it – CV

As with everything, it comes down to quality vs quantity. You may have been brought in to solve a specific problem and when you fixed it, you moved on. Give clear objectives on your CV for each role and how you went about to succeed. Most importantly you need to explain how by solving the problem, the company made more money or changed or improved a process.

How to overcome it – Interview

This is very similar to how you would do it with your CV, just orally instead. Do be aware that your interviewer will probably want to delve further into your facts. So have some figures ready to back up what you were saying on the CV. While in the interview, explain why you are applying for this particular role. If the reason you left your last role was because you solved everything, maybe explain you think the problem is more complex here. You will need more time to fix it. Or that you see yourself being challenged constantly and are looking forward to being challenged.

All of these techniques will only work if they are true. If you do actually job hop, that is something that will damage your career in the long run. You will need to have a good introspection on what you want and how you’re going to get it.

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