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One of the top things to consider when setting up a new business or a new office is location. Can you get your goods out of your new location in a cost-efficient manner? Can your customers reach you if needs be? However, there is one element that can be easily overlooked and that is can your workforce get to you more easily?

Staff Retention

One of the top three reasons for people leaving a company is due to the commute. If it takes you an hour to get to work and you are offered a job ten minutes down the road, it does seem very attractive doesn’t it?

Cost vs benefits

Of course, this requires a cost analysis. You can be right in the middle of the city, but you would have to pay premium rates. Does the offset of retaining staff make this a possibility? Naturally, if your customers are in the city centre, this may make commercial sense.


Sometimes your location can’t be helped for one reason or ever and so here are some solutions to help you attract and retain your workforce.

  1. Flexible working hours. Allow for your workers to come in earlier or later, this will help them avoid rush hour traffic. This may also help what make an otherwise hour-long commute become twenty minutes. A much more reasonable commuting time.
  2. Offer facilities to offset commuting costs. If you are far away from public transport, consider having a car park for your staff. Or a discounted car park if this is not possible in the local car parks. Having a functioning kitchen and/or canteen can be a massive help.
  3. Remote working is another option. If it is at all possible, this can be a massive attraction. It will greatly enhance the number of suitable candidates.

Does it sound like we would have a good grasp on what it would take for candidates to come work for you? Get in touch!

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