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Medical evaluations are used to find out if you are fit enough for certain roles. This can be for roles that are physical such as army or police roles. It can also be for roles that are working with people or products in a health capacity. In some parts of the jobs sector, you are required to do a medical, regardless of what your role is within the company. If you are working with vulnerable people or sensitive goods, you may also be required to a medical.

There are two types of medicals, invasive and non-invasive. Neither are particularly strenuous and if you are in generally good health, you should be fine.


  • This is usually where your physical abilities are tested. This would be looking at reflexes, your ability to hear and see.
  • Your central nervous system will be tested.
  • Your height and weight will be taken, to determine your BMI. The range of your movement will often also be tested.
  • Blood pressure is often also tested in a non-invasive examination. Couple with this, your chest cavity can also be scanned.
  • And the last main component of this would be a urinary analysis.


  • The main part of the invasive par of the process is taking blood.
  • In some cases, they can take cells to see if you are prone to certain diseases such as cancer or strokes.

Though these can be a little intimidating to take, in some sectors they are mandatory. Therefore, if you want to progress with a career in that field, you will have to do it.

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