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Today over 90% under the age of 54 in the UK have a smart phone. This means that smart phones are becoming more integral for our lives. They are used for most parts of our lives; from shopping, dating and now for applying for jobs.

The numbers

About 50% of people who start an application online with a desktop complete their application. This would be in contrast to 20% of mobile users completing their application. Often mobile users say that it is more difficult to apply online. The average time to complete an online desktop application is just under 6 minutes while the average for mobile is just over 10 minutes.

This demonstrates how you can lose some serious amount of talent. Therefore looking at making your application mobile friendly.

Mobile friendly

You can make your site more friendly by optimizing it for mobile viewing. This can make it simple to click different options. You can also link your website with websites like Indeed and Glassdoor. This can make it easier for your candidates to apply. With candidates becoming harder and harder to source, this can be the difference in securing new candidates and not.

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