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As quality candidates become more challenging to find, we need to start implementing new strategies to attract candidates. One such method is using a referral scheme. But what is it exactly? A referral scheme is where you reward your own employees for finding talent to join your team. We are now going to look at how best to implement this.

Know what you want

To make sure that your employees are referring the right people, educate them on what kind of people you are looking for. This is not just the technical skills but also the soft skills. You should spend some time thinking about what soft skills you need. You will also need to think about your current office culture and what you want it to develop into. This information is important to share with your employees who are most likely to come across new talent.

Simple process

It should be quite easy to refer a candidate to you. Keep is as straightforward as you can. Make sure that your employees know who to get in contact with if they want to refer someone. If it is in your budget, you should print out contact cards. This means if your employees come across someone outside of the office, they can offer their card.


You can’t expect your employees to do this for free. If they do it for free, there is little incentive for them to provide quality candidates. This wastes everyone’s time. There are lots of different ways of rewarding your employees. You can look at cash, vouchers or potentially some of the goods you manufacture/sell.

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