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Saying no can be difficult and in some cases, it seems counter-intuitive. But today we are going to look at why it’s ok to say no to receiving money. Why it can be healthy to say no to a client and why it’s ok to say no to your boss.


When a client or a customer offers you money for the goods or services you provide, it makes sense to say yes doesn’t it? After all you are in this business for that very reason. However, there are sometimes perfectly valid reasons why you wouldn’t say yes. This could be from an ethical point of view, your client or customer may have some unethical practices that you are uncomfortable with. Or it may be that they are in the grey area of the law and you could be persecuted by association. It may be that they are too much work for the services that you provide. Adding extra stipulations to them conducting the purchase. There may come a time when all what they are asking for just makes the whole transaction not worthwhile. You may also be too busy to take on new work and you don’t feel as though this is the best time to service them. You don’t feel as though you would do them justice.

Saying no to a client

We touched on this in our previous section but there are other things you can say no to a client about. As mentioned before, you can say no to a client if you feel their practices are unethical. If you are in a consulting profession, it is important that you do say no to your client or customer. You are the expert and if what they are asking for is unreasonable or not in their best interests, it is for you to tell them that. This is part of what they are paying you for. Naturally, you will have to explain why you are saying no to them and what solutions you can offer.

Saying no to your boss

We all have had that experience, a boss or manager who asks us to do the impossible. You should feel comfortable to say no to your boss when this happens. Explain your reasoning and possible alternatives in the meantime. If this is not possible, it may be time to start looking for a new job. This is because it would lead to additional stress and eventual burnout.

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