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When you have a requirement that needs to be filled or have a superstar candidate you have come across you want on your team, it is important to bring your A game to the interview. Gone are the days when companies had the top candidates vying to work for them. If there is a candidate you are interested in, chances are others are too. Here are 3 top tips for you to consider when interviewing candidates.

Keep it relaxed.

Most candidates don’t like interviews and don’t preform as well as they could have in a formal atmosphere. If the role does not involve working in formal situations, we would recommend keeping your atmosphere relaxed and informal. This not only allows the candidate to relax and settle into the interview but also leaves a positive overall experience and can be the difference between accepting and rejecting your offer.

Sell them the Job

In line of thought with the above, candidates have more choice now than ever. As they are selling their skills and experience to you, you need to sell your company and opportunity back to them. You need to sell not only your role and company, but also the benefits of working with you. An increasingly proportion of the working force is now more interested in things like work-life balance and flexible working hours. It is often these benefits that attract candidates to your role over your competitors.

Speed is Essential

Today, most things are done with the click of a button. With this shift in consumption, candidates are often looking for immediate feedback and results. This means everything in the interview process needs to be streamlined. If you need multiple people to meet the candidate, arrange to have them meet the candidate on the same day. It is now considered unreasonable for people to take more than one day off of work for the one company for interviews. If you like someone, make the offer. You will have the advantage over other companies who are still deliberating. If the candidate rejects it, other candidates who are in your process can then be considered as not a long length of time should have passed.

These are simple practices to implement into your recruitment methodology but can make the difference of getting that crucial hire or not. Does this article sound like a recruitment consultancy you would like to work with?

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