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When you have a team, you know that there is some inevitable chance that some of them will leave the company at some point. But what are the main reasons people leave and what can you do to mitigate them?

  • Location
  • Culture
  • Value


Many people commute to work, and some people travel quite a distance to get to work. If your employees fall under the travelling over an hour to get to work, this is a real area for concern. What may seem a simple journey at the start of their role with you will now start to become an ordeal. Location can become a real push factor if a similar opportunity as yours comes up but only ten minutes down the road.

What can be done?

Depending on the business and your specific circumstances, you can move the office to accommodate your workers. This may make sense if over 50% of your workers are in this danger zone. This is not always possible however and so you could look at remote working or flexitime. Remote working doesn’t have to be everyday as it could be once or twice a week. Flexitime is particularly attractive to employees as it would let them beat the rush hour traffic and also let them either start work later (which is great for parents) or earlier and finish work earlier or later as required.


This is often the elephant in the room and can be very hard to manage. When you take on a new member of staff, it is your responsibility to make sure that they gel well with everyone. If they don’t gel well together this can lead to bones of contention further down the road. You will also have to look at your own management style and see if that is helpful to the person you are managing. Many managers prefer a specific style when it comes to managing, however your preferred style may not suit every employee.

What can be done?

The first thing to be done is make sure you hire the right people. Look at your current team and see how they work together and think about who would mesh well with them. Most people’s assumptions would be to add more people like them. But this is not always the case, you may need a little variety in there to bring people’s strengths out. You will also need to be honest with yourself and your management style. Can it be improved? Is it the most effective method? Does it suit all of your team in their own way?


This reason is to do with the monetary value and also the sense of fulfilment. Many employees look at other opportunities because they are not being paid enough or the role they are in, no longer challenges them or brings them fulfilment. These are the traditional reasons for people leaving jobs and when pressed why they want to leave it is these reasons that are often cited.

What can be done?

Regularly review the salary and benefits that you have on offer and the benefits you can give. Give regular career appraisals to see if they are satisfied with their position in the company. If they want to progress, see what can be done to accommodate this. The more you value your employees and show it, the more likely they will stay.

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