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You have successfully been invited for an interview, congratulations! But we all know that first impressions are important and so it’s now time for you to start preparing for your interview. Here are 3 tips for you before you even step into an interview.

1: Check Directions

Nothing is more stressful than going to an interview in a place you’ve never been before only to get lost. First thing to do is to look up the directions on a GPS system, look at transport options. If you’re planning on getting public transport, what different types are available? How far away does it drop you off from your interview? If you are looking at driving, where are your parking options? Is it a pay and display system? Once this has been researched, call the main desk and let them be aware that you will be onsite for an interview and ask if there are special directions you need to be aware of to get onsite. Is it a gated complex? Do GPS systems tend to lead people astray? You will now have all you need to get there with little to no difficulty!

2: Do Your Research

It goes without saying to look at the company’s website. Depending on what your role would be would dictate what you will be looking for. Some common pages to look at would be the company’s history page, their values and products and services. You want to have a good understanding of everything the company does and so you can ask more effective questions at your interview.

If you know who you are going to be interviewed by, look them up on LinkedIn. This serves two purposes for you, it will put a face to a name. It will also give you a snapshot of their own career history and give you a more overarching view of their skills.

3: Dress Appropriately

It may be a seemingly inconsequentially topic to discuss, but how you dress will be quite important too. If a dress code has not been discussed and you are unsure of what you are expected to dress in, suited and booted is best. It’s always best to overdress, than under-dressed. This means you having a suit pressed, skirt smooth and shoes polished while also being freshly showered and groomed. This includes washing your hair, trimming your facial hair and making sure your nails are clean. We would recommend not painting your nails a gaudy colour and to wear a closed shoe so the issue of painting your toenails is moot point.

Final thoughts:

These are some of the things to bear in mind when attending an interview for the first time with a company. Some of it may be basic but we can forget it in the excitement and nerves of attaining an interview. Now all you need to do is bat it out of the park!

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