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Having a recruiter, either inhouse or agency, that you can rely on can be a godsend. However, these talented individuals usually have others vying for their attention too and so to make you become their priority and get your roles filled faster, here are 3 top tips.

Know your availability for interviews

Obviously, things change on a day to day basis but know what your general availability for interviews. If possible, link up your calendar with your recruiter so they can keep up to date with your availability. It can be much easier to secure a candidate’s interest if a time can be specified for an interview. This is also vital for setting expectations.

Know what you want

Explain what you want and why. Is the team growing? Has someone left? What new projects have come on that now demands a new team member? Be prepared to explain this to your recruiter as this will help them target specific candidates. And be honest, if someone has left the team, explain why to the best of your ability. If it was because of a certain reason and a candidate brings up that same reason as to why they want to leave their current role, that is just not going to work long term.

Ask what is appropriate for the recruitment process

Especially if you are working with an agency, this will give you the chance to find out the best way to keep your process streamlined. Many companies lose out on talent simply because their process is too long. By talking with your agency recruiter, they should be able to consult with you on what best practices are. It may be that Skype interviews now amalgamate both the telephone and face to face interview. This would bring your two-stage process down to one. Or there may be more specific strategies in your area that your agency recruiter can inform you of.

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