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We are coming towards the end of another year and with it, fresh challenges! So, we are going to look at 3 tips for you to implement to get the best out of your year.

  1. Develop your relationship with your recruitment team

Whether this is an internal or external team, you will need to work closely with your recruiters. This is because the world of recruitment is rapidly changing. Gone are the days when you could throw an ad up and expect quality responses. Now recruiters are expected to engage with their audiences, and this leads to candidate generation. Because of this (especially with external recruiters) you will want to be on good terms with recruiters who drive high social traffic to themselves. This way you will have access to talent that others will not. It pays to be nice sometimes!

  1. Be realistic with your needs

There is a massive shortage of skills at the moment that you may need to look at potential skills as opposed to actual skills. This may seem galling, but you can gain further employee loyalty if you invest in their future.

  1. Flip the mindset

Your candidates are your biggest brand ambassadors. If you treat them well during the whole process, this can speak volumes. If you begin to gather a reputation for not providing a solid candidate experience, this will put off future talent.

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