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Writing a CV can seem like a simple task but often when we sit down to write it, it suddenly seems more daunting. What’s appropriate? What’s too much? What’s too little? How can I get everything across that I want to? Here are some tips for you to have a look at when deciding how to write your CV.

Contact details

Make sure that you are contactable and that you have this at the top of your CV. Today, some people are nervous about leaving contact details on their CVs for fear of spam. If you are responsible and only apply to jobs that you want, you should be able to track who has your contact details. There should be a mobile number and email address on your CV. Depending on your circumstances, you could also specify the best times for people to get in touch with you.


Most recruiters don’t spend too long here, and neither should you. This section should be 3 to 4 lines at most. You should state where you are in your career right now and what you are looking for presently.


Most fields we work in are of a technical nature and so this is a section that is of paramount importance. We would usually advise people to have their skills laid out in a box. You can describe your proficiency here if you wish, however the function of this box is to quickly show if you have the technical skills required for the job.

Career history

Unless for a specific reason, always write your CV in reverse chronological order. Recruiters will assume the role on top is your last role and you run the risk of having your CV discounted for the role you applied for. Make sure you mention what technical skills you used in each role and any projects or achievements you have successfully completed.


This is not as big an issue as it was a few years ago but do not leave your reference details on your CV. The last thing you want is your reference being bombarded by calls/emails to reference you. Not only is this irritating but you run the real danger of losing them as a reference.

Those were some simple tips to consider when writing up your CV. Sometimes bringing it back to basics is best!

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