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Remote work is rapidly becoming more and more popular with businesses across the globe. Every day, people are sharing their tips and tricks but how do you really go about hiring the best talent through a remote job interview?

Email candidates the interview expectations

Any job interview is nerve-racking, no matter if it’s from the comfort of your own home or in an office.
We recommend sharing as much information as possible with candidates to help them feel more at ease and make the interview move much more smoothly.

This often means sending an interview schedule (what you’ll cover), any tips you think might help the individual, and how to use the conferencing software.

Prepare at your end

You expect candidates to show up on time, dress smartly, and put forward the best version of themselves, so why should they expect any less of you?

Be sure to triple check your technology and find a quiet place to conduct the interview.
Being poorly prepared reflects badly not only on you but the company you are representing so make sure to set aside a few minutes before the call to ensure everything is ready to go.

Evaluate candidates on what really matters

While candidates should take steps to prepare for a successful interview, it’s important to note that unexpected issues often occur on video calls.

As you meet with a variety of candidates, don’t let irrelevant factors influence your opinions.
Dogs could bark, alarms could go off, and wifi could buffer- all of these are out of the individuals control.
The temporary distractions may be annoying at the time but ultimately it has nothing to do with how well they can perform the job.

If issues do occur possibly suggest rescheduling or continuing it over the phone, after all, you were impressed enough to offer them an interview.

Don’t jump straight into the interview

Small talk can be seen as a time waster to some but in an interview it can be a great way to see whether the candidate will be a good fit in your team, it also gives you the chance to form an initial impression.

Try to create a relaxed and comfortable environment from the start.
We suggest bringing up professional background and what you love about the company you work for, you could even bring up an interesting fact from their CV!

We can help!

Remote job interview can be tiring and hard work, especially when you’ve got numerous candidates to interview…
If you’re struggling to find the time why not give our team a go!
Our team are IT professionals, specialising in finding the right fit for companies, specially trained in interviews just like these.
Contact our team today on 0161 975 7525 or

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