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In the short of it yes. Here are some reasons as to why.

When you are looking for a new person to join your team, you will most likely have some idea of what level that person will be at. We find that most clients want people with 2-10 years’ experience. Obviously relevant experience within your area, whether that be software testing or project management. Not to mention any particular programmes or software that you use such as Java or Oracle.

Through your application evaluation, you will receive candidates who are overqualified and under-qualified. Traditionally you would reject these candidates, but should you? Let’s explore reasons for not to.

Under-qualified Candidates

It depends on the role they had applied for, but generally speaking this demonstrates an eagerness for progression. This was a candidate who looked at your role and decided to go for it, despite not being fully qualified. This person might not be good for your role, but could they be good for your team? Or how about your company? Would your company benefit from having an eager career driven individual? If so, it might be worth a conversation on the phone to determine if this candidate would consider a different role with your company and to interview on that basis.

Overqualified Candidate

Likewise, it can be tempting to say no to any overqualified candidates who apply for your role. When an overqualified candidate applies for your role, there is usually something else at work in their lives. Maybe your location suits more, or maybe there are some push factors in their current place of employment. It would still be worth your time to have a conversation on the phone to see what their situation is. It could very well be that conversation on the phone is the start of your relationship with your next superstar employee. In this candidate poor market, having an overqualified candidate apply is a massive advantage. It could give you the edge that you are looking for in your particular niche.

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