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This seems like something that would be far off in the future. The idea that you could have a virtual interview seems a little out there. But this may be something to consider to encourage face to face interactions for skilled staff you want on your team.

Why would you do this?

  1. Flexibility
  2. Innovative
  3. Remote Working Teams


Software Developers, Testers and Business Analysts who are good at what they do are usually in jobs and not actively looking. These IT employees are usually very busy and sometimes don’t have the time to possibly come to you on the other side of town. An hour interview would be at least two to three hours out of someone’s day that they may not have. These virtual interviews could be as close as possible that you could to face to face interview.


As the IT industry develops, there is an increase of interest in candidates in more innovate candidate processes. This can be an attractive brand marketing ploy. It can be a deciding factor in a candidate’s decision as if you are this innovative in your interview process, what’s to say that you wouldn’t be this innovative in other ways of your business?

Remote Working Teams

As we become a global village it becomes more necessary to have teams working remotely. Having virtual interviews can work into becoming virtual offices later on should the candidate be successful. Meetings can be done “in person”. This attractive to top developers and programmers and will give you greater flexibility when recruiting.

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