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You’ve finally completed the interview process and everything’s gone to plan, you’ve got the job! You have a vague idea of what the salary range is and your potential employer knows what you’re looking for. However, will you be happy with the final outcome?

At first, you may feel disheartened or even make a decision you regret, therefore, it’s important you take a look at the bigger picture.

What is the total package?

Taking into account the whole package is important as they can often be multi-layered.
Some companies may opt to increase your salary after a probation period which usually lasts around 3 months.
This is to ensure you can do the job and be a genuine asset to the business.

It’s also key to remember you’re life outside of work matters!
Make sure you’re happy with the amount of holiday, your pension, and hours- sometimes a lower salary is worth a better work-to-life balance.

How do you compare to the team?

It’s likely the employer has taken into account the salaries, qualifications, and experience of the wider team.
This will, of course, impact the offer they provide you.
If you were less qualified or have less experience it’s likely you’ll be paid less than your team.

Commercial/Cultural differences

Depending on the industry and size of a company, the commercial and cultural nature can vary, along with whether it’s a private or public sector business.

If you work for a small firm, expect a lower salary as they may not have the means to pay you higher.
Larger firms may be able to pay you more, but they may be stricter and your work load may be more high profile and intense.
Sometimes it’s important to consider your happiness.

We can help!

When searching high and low for a new role, using a recruiter (like us!) can act as a huge benefit.
We are able to manage both yours and the employers expectations, ensuring a positive result for all involved.
We can even negotiate on your behalf, making a possibly daunting experience much less scary.

Contact our team today on 0161 975 7525 or to get you into a job role that makes Mondays just that little bit better.

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