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Often when initially talking to clients we are told that there is a PSL (Preferred Supplier List) in place. We are told that we cannot therefore work with each other as it would be against the PSL. In some cases, it may however be necessary to work outside of the PSL and here is why.

Speed and Urgency

Sometimes a role will come up in your organization that is absolutely critical that you did not plan for. It could have happened for any number of reasons, but the end result is the same. You have a problem and it needs to be fixed now. Working with us outside of your PSL can mean quicker results, we are after all looking to make a good impression. If this goes well, who knows, you may want us on your PSL afterwards.

Healthy Competition

Agencies can get complacent on PSLs or consultants who used to deliver the results that you are used to have left that company. Though many of the markets that we work with are candidate poor, you should still get quantifiable results. By working with us outside of your PSL, you can compare the level of service you get from us to your PSL agencies. If the agencies on the PSL are not preforming to standard, it may be time for replacements.


The agencies on your PSL will likely develop relationships with your hiring managers over time. If you are looking to replace one of them, it can place your PSL agencies in an uncomfortable position. Not to mention if they know that one of your hiring managers is going to be let go, they may approach them with new opportunities. The hiring manager may then leave before you have had a chance to replace them. By working with us, you eliminate all that messy risk.

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