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If you have an onsite team, you would no doubt have an office with staff preforming specific duties. However, with the advancement of the internet and general society becoming more global, working in physical proximity to your staff is becoming optional. So, let us look at the pros and cons of a virtual office.

Pros of a Virtual Office

The first thing to think about is cost. You won’t have the overhead of running an office, which would include rent and insurance. However, you would have to make sure that all of your employees are securely connected to your system.

You would have happier employees as there would be little commuting involved. One of the main reasons for people leaving jobs is the commuting to work. If you are travelling an hour each way to work, it can add up. 520 hours or just over 21 days a year spent commuting to work. By cutting this out, you are helping your employees have a healthier lifestyle.

By having a virtual office, you can add a degree of flexibility to your roles with regards working times. This not only keeps your current employees happy but makes it easier to attract new talent.

Cons of a Virtual Office

It can be isolating. There is something about being in an office environment that can be uplifting. Problems don’t seem as daunting when you have someone to vent to. By being isolated, you also run the risk of lowering productivity as not everyone is self-disciplined enough to work from home.

Depending on your industry, there can be security risks. You would need to make sure that everyone’s network is secure and encrypted. Depending on your industry, you may need to get specialized insurance to cover your employees offsite.

As mentioned before, you run the risk of having your overall productivity being lowered. This however is relatively easy to remedy. Doing business conferences with regular updates will keep your employees engaged and working. Just need to make sure these meetings themselves don’t lower productivity!


As you can see, the effectiveness of a virtual office depends on your specific circumstances. It offers greater flexibility as a business but at the risk of lowering productivity. You will have to weigh up what works for your business and decide if it’s worth taking the plunge.

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